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From its inauguration (as The Waterfowl Club) in 1887, the British Waterfowl Association has continued to play the key role in producing the Waterfowl Standards, from the first Indian Runner Standard of 1901 to this 2008 edition. The new edition contains major revisions in format, terminology, historical information and structure, including graded judging defects and colour genotypes.

"The BWA is now in a position to publish a more up-to-date and consistent set of Waterfowl Standards than at any previous time. Indeed, the Poultry Club has used, almost unchanged, the material from the BWA reports on Heavy, Light and Bantam Ducks."

168 pages, fully illustrated, 200 pictures of all the breeds and colours

Click here for sample pages on the Yellow Belly Call duck as a pdf

All the Ducks and Geese in one pocket-sized volume

  • New breeds and colours
  • Graded judging defects
  • Historical information
  • Colour genotypes

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Millennium Edition with Carl Donner Paintings.

Following the publication of the 1982 Poultry Club Standards, which introduced new descriptions for several breeds of waterfowl, Tom Bartlett suggested that the BWA should produce its own illustrated standards in colour. The Norfolk artist Carl Donner was commissioned to paint watercolours of all the breeds, plus the standard colours of Calls and Indian Runners. These were published in 1999 as this specially commissioned millennium edition.

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