These information sheets can only provide a brief introduction and the successful husbandry of all livestock depends on being well informed about them. The BWA Bookshop sells a number of specialist publications which cover all aspects of keeping both Wildfowl and Domestic Waterfowl. All new keepers are strongly advised to obtain a book appropriate to their interest.

These documents are in PDF format. If you do not have the reader, you can download a free copy by clicking here.


Starting to Keep Wildfowl
Keeping Wildfowl - Geese
Keeping Wildfowl - Perching Ducks
Keeping Wildfowl - Whistling Ducks
Starting to Show Domestic Waterfowl
Pond Construction
Incubation of Waterfowl Eggs
Predator Control
Starting to Keep Domestic Ducks
Starting to Keep Domestic Geese
Plants for Ponds and Pens
Ailments and Remedies