What are the advantages?

The BWA offers members a wide range of services and facilities to help you get more enjoyment from waterfowl, including;

  • Waterfowl Magazine: A high quality 70 page magazine sent to members three times a year, offering advice, information and exchange of views.
  • Breeder Directory: A comprehensive list of waterfowl breeders, sent to members every other year.
  • Open Days and Workshops: We organise visits every year to interesting waterfowl collections across the country, as well as member days and learning workshops for members to attend.
  • Local Contacts: You can keep in touch with a network of members and attend local as well as regional and national events. Each county has a local representative.
  • Help and Advice: We give you access to many experts that can give you help, support and advice. There are also information leaflets to help newcomers to waterfowl keeping.
  • Website: The bulk of the website, which contains much useful information including a shop selling books, leg rings and a variety of gifts, is open to all. There is, however, a bulletin board for members to post notices, e.g. to advertise stock for sale.
  • Champion Waterfowl Exhibition: We organise an exhibition every year giving members an opportunity to show your ducks, including a sales section.
  • Representation: Where necessary, the BWA will act nationally to support member's interests.

And the cost?

The membership fee is approximately £25 per year. The detailed price list is shown at the next stage.

How to join

We would be very happy to welcome you to our organisation. You do not have to be an expert. All we ask is that you are enthusiastic about waterfowl.

There are a number of ways to join the BWA;

  • By phone: Credit cards are accepted, or you may prefer to send a cheque. Please contact our secretary to apply, or for any other help or information;
    Kate Elkington
    The Old Bakehouse, Ashperton, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2SA
    Telephone: 01531 671250
  • By post: Download a form for postal application by clicking here.
    May we urge you to set up a standing order? The form contains the Bank mandate
    There is also a gift aid declaration in the form
  • Need a gift aid declaration? Click here to download one.
  • On line: Click below to proceed to the next stage.

Already a member?

You can also use the on-line facility to renew your membership. Just click below.

BWA magazine
Waterfowl Magazine from the BWA