One of the Objectives of the BWA is to provide facilities for the education of the public to the greater appreciation of waterfowl.

Here are some of the ways we work.

Schools days at Countryside Live

We have leaflets available to download from the website with basic information on all aspects of keeping waterfowl.

Schools days at Countryside Live

We attend schools days at Countryside Live where inner city children can see ducks, handle them and learn about how ducks provide us with eggs, feathers, meat and pleasure. These days are an excellent opportunity for children to get close to animals and understand their welfare and needs. Many of our members are actively involved with young people, encouraging them to start showing and learn more about the wider environment and conservation. Youngsters often start their interest helping out with an enthusiastic keeper and a love and respect for waterfowl can be encouraged at an early age.

Workshops for members

Our Championship Waterfowl Exhibition is an annual event and is open to the public. Here there are examples of most of the breeds of Domestic Waterfowl on display and members are always ready to explain the requirements of keeping a specific breed.

Champion Goose

We hold Workshops for members where topics such as housing, incubation of eggs, fencing, predator control, and guidelines for establishing a new collection, are discussed with experts. These workshops are also an opportunity for members to exchange ideas and meet new enthusiasts. Members participate in local events all over the country promoting the proper husbandry of waterfowl and the value of wetlands.

Open Day

Members participate in ringing and surveys, vital to our knowledge of wild waterfowl movements.


Ringing is encouraged amongst hobby keepers to augment the proper keeping of records regarding genetic diversity of captive populations. Should a national outbreak of disease be confirmed, proof of captive breeding and ownership could prove vital.

Our Open Days, held at members collections, are occasions to be inspired by and learn from other waterfowl keepers’ experiences and systems.

Open Day

At many country events throughout the year we have a display and bookshop, where members are on hand to give advice on aspects of waterfowl and their husbandry.

Display and bookshop at country event