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2 male Ringed Teal, pinioned,£20 each
Johan Ameel, Brecon (South Wales) or 07584 659534
Posted on 18 October 2019
Bufflehead pairs 200 mandarin Carolina pairs 30 ringed teat pairs cape teal pairs 40 silver females mandarin 30 silver females mandarin Carolina 30 each baikal teal pair 120 bahama pintail female 20each pure laysan teal pair 40 barnical geese pair 50 or telephone 07814665655
Posted on 13 October 2019
Surplus Emperor Females 2019£80
Lesser White Front Ganders 2019£60
Tel: 01258 453126 Dorset
Posted on 09 October 2019
Pair of 2019 Stanbridge White ducks. Very Old established breed. Excellent layers.
Colin 01 428 751 408 NE Hampshire
Posted on 03 October 2019
1 Pair of East Indian Ducks£45

Fulvous Whistler pairs, Normal Drakes, Blond Females£60 pair.
Tim Adams Salisbury 01722 782445
Posted on 27 September 2019
2019 pairs, Silver White-faced£280. Ross and Lesser Snow Geese£150. Redhead£100,Silver Fulvous, Red-billed and Wandering TD£80, Ruddy Shelduck,Champagne Fulvous£70. Chinese Spotbill, White-faced TD£60.White -eye,Sth Georgia Pintail, Rosybill£50. Blonde RCP, Marbled£40., West Norfolk. 01366 500769 or uk
Posted on 25 September 2019
WANTED two or three female Smew.any number of captive bred European Green wInged teal and a pair of Red Breasted Mergansers. 07940 815409
Posted on 24 September 2019
2 female Garganey 2018 close ringed and pinioned£20 each
2 female Northern Pintail 2019 Close ringed and pinioned£20 each
I pair ringed Teal. Drake is free winged£30 pair
I have 2 pairs of Garganey who are related and would like to swap either ducks or drakes in order to obtain 2 unrelated pairs

Bill Price 01747 861233
Posted on 22 September 2019