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Members of the BWA are invited to advertise any birds they have available for sale. There is no charge. To insert your advertisement, please answer the following anti-spam question. What is the name of the waterfowl in the picture?


Wanted female East Indian Ducks and a 2year + Hooded Merganser.
Tim 01722 782445 Salisbury, Wiltshire
posted on 14 February 2019
2018 Trio of lesser white fronted geese£110 | 2018 White faced whistling ducks£35 each | telephone 01278429296 Somerset
posted on 13 February 2019
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posted on 12 February 2019
Last pair 2018 West of England Geese - nice birds, parents unrelated. Chase, Wiltshire | 01794 390624
posted on 12 February 2019
Brecon Buff Geese
Hatched 2018, strong free range ganders & geese
Very bright Strawberry pink bill & legs
Hand reared and friendly.
Cheshire. Tel 07941987146
posted on 12 February 2019
Waterfowl Nest Boxes- Its that time of year! Makes sure your birds have plenty of choice this season.
Raised boxes - Mandarin, Ring Teal with 4 inch hole, Whistling Ducks 5 inch hole. Internal wire ladder and routered edges to aid duck exit all included.
Ground boxes with ventilated wooden floor, inner nest section, choice of 4inch entrance for teals, and 5 inch for larger birds such as Puna or Argentine Reds.
Designed and made by a waterfowl keeper.
Made from structural exterior CE2 12mm plywood, weather proof glue and galvanised nails. Fully built, just screw to your post or place on the floor.
Both types£29 each . Packs of 4£104
Will be at the first day of AGM at Slimbridge to save on postage.
Contact Simon at or 07710010923
to get pictures, dimensions and delivery options and cost.
posted on 12 February 2019
One male black Muscovy 4yrs, lavender female 3yrs, 2 magpie females 1yr. they are hand tamed and very healthy, to be rehomed as a group. Please contact for photos or further information 01865300350
posted on 12 February 2019
Available female black swans, pairs of laysan teal, ringed teal, bahama pintail, many others, please enquire 07788230860
posted on 12 February 2019